Bachelor Thesis by
Tobias Wolf


Workshop: Man and Space

  • Dance
  • Schlemmer

Last weekend we visited Staatsgalerie Stuttgart to checkout their recent exhibition Oskar Schlemmer: Visions of a New World. After decades of trouble with contested inheritance they finally get the chance to publically present a marvellous comprehensive retrospective of the painter, sculptor, designer and choreographer Oskar Schlemmer.


On top of it they even stepped it up and organized a dance workshop called Mensch und Raum (Man and Space), held by dancer Pilar Murube and choreographer Nina Kurzeja. It was generally based on Schlemmer’s stage works and methodically based on experimental and improvisatory exercises. They write, it aims on the participants body perception. We registered immediately!


We experienced lots and lots of new situations and cognition and got a dense tactile insight in Schlemmer’s ideas of movement and behaviour in space. Except us there were only 7 other attendees, all from different age, sex and background. So atmosphere was rich and we arrived back in Weimar full of inspiration and with a smile in our faces.