Bachelor Thesis by
Tobias Wolf


Space Model #2

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  • summaery2015

For the summaery2015 we exhibited our space model.

The model’s movement depends on the recipient’s live heart beat. The heart beat is measured by the BioVolt breast strap. The breast strap is connected to an Arduino YÚN which sends the data via Wi-Fi to a computer. The computer is connected to an Arduino Uno which drives a stepper motor. The motor winds and unwinds the strings. The mesh fabric, which shapes the room, is mounted with the strings.

Code & photos on GitHub.

We learned how to transfer the signal of the beating heart with an Arduino YÚN via Wi-Fi to PureData. We experienced that the motor we use is to weak – we thought it would be more than strong enough. That’s the reason why the mesh fabric couldn’t be stretched far enough. As a consequence the mesh fabric is shaky.

In other news, because of private reason, Phillip will no longer be part of the team. I, Tobias, will continue the project with the support of friends and as a next step I will begin to build the room. scale 1:1.