Bachelor Thesis by
Tobias Wolf


Hands on EKG/EMG-Shield

  • EKG
  • EMG

Today we were receiving the necessary hardware to start crafting the wearable device collecting electrophysiological data from the performer. An EKG-EMG-Shield and the necessary serial wire.


First we connected the EKG-EMG-Shield to an Arduino UNO R3 uploading a modified version of the example code. Afterwards we fixed two of the cables at Tobias’ wrists, the odd one at his ankle. Established serial data-stream to Processing and coded a simple graphical representation. This is what we got so far.

Of course we lack the beautiful shape of the classic ECG Curve. Actually we got shiploads of noise here due to dry skin contact. But somewhere down in this dotty forest apparently we find a repetitive pattern. And we are pretty sure that its interval appears synchronous to Tobias’ pulse.

We get it tested another time with proper skin contact and less noise. Therefore we purchase a better serial wire with matching gel electrodes.